Skyline QS Services

Skyline QS services are tailored to meet your needs

From insurance companies and property managers to municipal organizations, Skyline QS provides fully independent, accurate, and timely cost solutions that will get your building back to the way it was before the incident or provide an accurate value of your building for insurance purposes. Our team will leverage its extensive and diverse experience to provide solutions that will meet your project’s needs.

If you’d like more information we’d be happy to discuss our services with you! 

Insurance Appraisals

Skyline QS will prepare a building Replacement Cost Value (RCV), providing an accurate estimate of the amount of insurance required to replace each structure and/or amenity precisely as it stands on the day the report is prepared.

The estimate provides a separate value for Replacement Cost, New, Bylaws and Code Upgrades, Demolition and Debris Removal.

The insurance appraisal report will also include Actual Cash Value (ACV) based on the structure’s age and condition, which considers all lifespan expectancy of all the building elements.



Property Appraiser Inspection & Assessment

We conduct an initial site inspection to assess loss-related damages accurately and provide our clients with the documentation necessary to repair or replace the damaged property. This documentation includes:

  • Initial site inspection report
  • Emergency scope of work
  • Replacement Cost Value (RCV) and Actual Cash Value (ACV) of the loss related damages
  • Preliminary Reserve for budget purposes

Bid Package & Bid Analysis

Our team prepares detailed and comprehensive bid documents for the competitive bid process. This process may require a Professional team (Architects & Engineers), which we will work with to confirm all specifications are identified and comply with current building codes.

We will also analyze contractors’ bids to provide cost-effective recommendations to our clients.

Project Costing

Skyline QS delivers accurate cost estimate of all the loss related items that have been identified and agreed upon that must be repaired to return the property to pre-loss condition, like, kind and quality. We will provide the Actual Cash Value (ACV) depreciation amount for the repairs, and all of our estimates are prepared using industry-standard pricing software sensitive to the local market.

QS Cost Auditing

To give peace of mind and ensure cost control is handled accurately and efficiently on a claim, our team of qualified Quantity Surveyors will review all invoices and cost-related items and provide a report.

This service is available for any claims or construction projects in all industries, from single-family homes to high-rise buildings to large commercial projects.

Standard Insurable Unit Description Packages

Skyline QS provides property managers/owners a valuation of standard unit specifications for condominiums and apartment buildings. We also offer an additional service to identify owner upgrades.

Our team has experience in large loss claims that have little or no documentation available due to the building’s age or having been destroyed in the loss.  Our Standard Insurable Unit Description Package will provide project managers/owners up to date records of all their condominiums/apartments specifications for future use.

Clerk of the Works

Skyline QS will oversee our client’s projects to ensure their success. The Clerk of the Works reviews the project’s progress, monitors quality control efforts by the contractor, and keeps clients informed with daily and monthly reports.

Clerk of the Works provides an added element of cost control on the project, ensuring equipment and material invoiced were actually on-site and labour hours are detailed and recorded.

Dispute Resolution

The construction industry is quite exposed to unplanned events and changes. The only assurance is a contract. If not managed properly, it can result in additional costs and overruns for the project. Skyline QS team of qualified Quantity Surveyors works closely with its clients to:

  • Understand the relevant contractual provisions and the potential risk exposure
  • Recognize the significant causes of construction disputes and proactively plan to avoid/mitigate the anticipated damages
  • Provide the insight & direction to navigate through construction claims
  • Reduce cost overruns and late schedule completion
  • Prevent disputes leading to litigation/arbitration and adjudication